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A resident was arrested Monday night after authorities say he ran over hundreds of small wooden crosses bearing names of fallen U.S. soldiers.

Some Seek Restrictions Near Bush Ranch. The goons come out. I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

Some of President Bush’s neighbors asked county leaders Tuesday to prevent large gatherings near the Crawford ranch like the ongoing anti-war protest led by a mother of a soldier who died in Iraq.

…The petition with more than 60 signatures was submitted to the McLennan County commission, asking the board to expand a no-parking zone that now bans cars within a few hundred feet of the ranch. If the ordinance passes, demonstrators probably would have to stay in Crawford, which is 7 miles away.

Some residents said they worried about the safety of children waiting for school buses in the area. Schools began classes Tuesday.

Noting that an anti-war protester raised civil-rights concerns about the ordinance, petition-signer John Laufenberg told commissioners: “All those of us that live in that area and in that community and our children also have civil rights, and we do feel that those are being seriously compromised at this time.”

About a dozen people from the camp attended Tuesday’s meeting, though Sheehan did not. The protesters acknowledged the area has been crowded but said they have kept it clean and quiet. “I would encourage the commission to weigh heavily the First Amendment rights that we have, because that’s really the fundamental thing: free speech, the ability to protest, legitimate dissent in a democracy,” said Ann Wright, who has been in charge of the site.

Crooks and Liars has the video, and the BradBlog has more details on the vandalism of the crosses.

A little trip to Freeperland garnered a bumper crop of bad spelling, outrageous venom, and the usual general stupidity…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“This is histerical.”

“LOL……to bad he got in trouble…….”

“How on EARTH were those cheap props worth over $1500?!”

“Religious crosses on public property? Where’s the ACLU!”

“They scratched the bottom of his truck.”

“Those people, attempting to call what they are doing with those crosses a memorial is nothing but a disgusting sham. While they side with the people killing those very service personnel, while they deride everything our people are fighting for, they have the audacity to call those crosses of the very people they are defecating on a memorial? I agree with the person doing the driving to the extent that is is such a disgraceful display that it should come down. And how can it be criminal mischief when these anit-Americans have simply stuck those crosses into the ground on public property without some kind of ordinance that allows or protects it?”

“They should ask themselves why the world hates them…”

“Re: Bail was set at $3,000. (Reaching for my checkbook)”

“They do the same thing at Ft. Monmouth in New Jersey – dirty scum writing the names of people they hate on a symbol they hate, then mockingly setting both up as a fake “memorial.” It makes my blood boil.”

“They haven’t learned the lesson: Don’t mess with Texas.”

“What happened to his “free speech” rights. You mean we can burn our flag but not run over some crosses?”

“Interesting. On a daily basis, crosses are bad, evil things to the left. Yet, here they are. What a bunch of hippocrits.”

“The protesters who are camped out in Crawford expressed outrage at the vandalism. Maybe eventually they’ll get the message that they’re not in the majority among the REAL people of this country. Jerks!”

“Maybe it was stupid but in reality the crosses are FAKE!!!! FAKE crosses, FAKE protest, FAKE support of Cindy’s plight. Come’on Freepers, help this guy out. I don’t support what he did but he did make me laugh.”

“Idiot. This helps make Sheehan look even more the poor victim and those opposing her more like monsters.”

“No kidding. Before this is done, Leno and the rest of the late night shows will make a jackass out of this bozo.”

“These pro-terrorist freaks are using the names of our war dead in vain. Their use of the crosses diminishes the names of those for whom they pretend to speak. As the dead cannot answer for themselves, and they showed their true commitment and bravery in a life well lived and in military service freely given, I commend Larry for destroying the symbols that were only intended to diminish their great character.”

“He should have quite while he was ahead, i.e. practicing his shotgun skills on his own property in anticipation of “dove” season. Running over the crosses was pretty stupid, even though they are part of Sheehan’s sham, and even worse, he gave the anti-war morons the satisfaction of seeing him hauled off to jail.”

“We don’t need imbeciles like this inciting the anti-war crowd…this stuff gives them another chance to claim moral certitude.”

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