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Read, Learn, Become an Entrepreneur… and Get Crazy Drunk in the process!

More fine nutritional goodness for the kiddies, with encouragement to be a crazy drunk pimp as well!

My local 7-Eleven has a shelf at the checkout stocked with some big 99-cent bags of chips called Rap Snacks, which I assume are marketed mostly toward the hip-hop generation. They feature pictures of hip-hop stars (Dirt McGirt, Stat Quo, Murphy Lee, Young Bloodz, Lil Romeo, Master P, and others) and have interesting flavor names. they’re also pretty tasty, and you get a lot of chips for your buck.

But the part that gave me pause was the tagline on the chips. These are encouraging, positive messages to the youth, like:

Reading is Fundamental
Stay in School
Start Your Own Business

Which are all fine. Then there’s…

Pimp Education

I had to wonder, is that a noun or a verb? I mean, Pimp (v.) Education would mean to promote or sell education. But Pimp (n.) Education would mean to become schooled in the fine art of gamin’ ho’s, right?

But worse, there’s…

Get Crunk

I may be an out-of-touch middle-aged white dude with tastes more toward CCR than ODB, but doesn’t “crunk” mean “crazy drunk”?

We now return you to more serious topics of national and world importance, already in progress.

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