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Better get those SOBs out of Pennsylvania!

The bible-beaters of Pennsylvania see pornography in this billboard at a Sheetz gas station.

Lunch-hour laugh. From the American Family Association of Pennsylvania’s web site. [Think Rick Santorum‘s on their mailing list?]:

PORNOGRAPHY can be found in many forms and many locations:


Video and convenience stores — Take a close look at your local stores, you may be surprised to see that MANY local video stores have back rooms with HARDCORE  pornography videos available. Many times the only thing separating you and your children from this trash is a swinging door.

In our area EVERY SHEETZ convenience store has pornographic magazines available.    Why not check your area Sheetz store!  Check out Sheetz latest billboard.

Sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) — “As morality declines, outlets of sexual deviance typically ensue in order to take advantage of the profit potential made available by consumers of sexually oriented materials or services.  However, sexually oriented businesses require special supervision in order to protect and preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the patrons of such businesses as well as the citizens of the communities in which they locate.  The problems deriving from sexually oriented businesses include unlawful sexual activities, sexual transmitted diseases, a deleterious (harmful) effect on surrounding businesses, declining property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods, increased crime and blight and a general downgrading of the quality of life in the areas adjacent to these SOBS.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding