Rednecks, Blue Ribbon Beer, and Gold Star Mothers.

You gotta love’em:


A man fired a shotgun into the air as about 60 anti-war protesters held a religious service on the road to President Bush’s ranch.

Sheriff’s deputies and Secret Service agents in the area of the demonstration site Sunday rushed to the home of Larry Mattlage after the shots were fired but did not arrest him.

“I ain’t threatening nobody, and I ain’t pointing a gun at nobody,” Mattlage said. “This is Texas.”

and trucks

When Sheehan arrived in Crawford on Aug. 6, her small group started marching to Bush’s ranch, then was moved by authorities to a plot of land a few miles away.

Late Monday, a pickup truck tore through rows of white crosses that stretched about two-tenths of a mile along the side of the road at the Crawford camp. The crosses bore the names of fallen U.S. soldiers. No one was hurt.


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