I don’t know if that will fit on my business card.

Apparently I am either one of the “nastiest folks on the left” or John Cole is talking about some of the commentors who keep making the racist b-girl Malkin comments. If it’s the commentors, I agree. Those kind of comments will only play into Malkin’s hands when she starts flogging Unhinged in a few weeks (which you would think would be part of her marketing plan if you believed that she was smarter than the average racist…which she’s not).

If John is talking about me, well, I am deeply hurt. I like to think that I am merely mean-spirited, but in a delightfully whimsical way.

And now back to Malkin (crap, I’m tired of her) who believes that Holly Patterson’s parents have a legitimate right to campaign against RU-486 but Casey Sheehan’s mother can’t campaign against the war in Iraq. So much for logical consistency…

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