Dammit. And after we had just created a new nickname and had t-shirts made…

Michelle Malkin (you may heard her name around) is saying “pooh” because Able Danger is turning into Unable To Sustain Itself:

Read the post at Shrink Wrapped, who has coined the best new nickname for the Danger Enablers on the 9/11 Commission who neglected to inform the American public about Operation Able Danger

But, whoopsie…

Captain Ed recounts the 9/11 Commissioners’ shifting statements ths week and concludes that nothing they say can be taken at face value. Fair enough. Even so, those of us who reported unequivocally that Able Danger identified Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers a year before the 9/11 attacks simply were not on solid ground. That is an allegation, not a proven fact. And the allegation is looking pretty shaky unless Curt Weldon can come up with some contemporaneous documentation that supports his claims.

It wasn’t just bloggers who got the story wrong. A lot of newspaper headline writers made the same mistake. A few bloggers, such as Tom Maguire and Kevin Drum, were skeptical from the start.

Update IV: Weldon waffles. Ugh.

Yes. “Ugh“.

See. It’s not important that the whole story was shaky. It’s that 101st spent valuable time on it a big nothing when they could have been slagging Cindy Sheehan.

Not on solid ground“.

Is that the same as “full of shit“?

Tomorrow: How the MSM Misled Us On Able Danger, The Bastards.

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