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Chimpy's numbers show he's a chump

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Bush Approval a Low for Two-Term Leaders. How low can he go?

President Bush’s standing with an American public anxious about Iraq and the nation’s direction is lower than that of the last two men who won re-election to the White House — Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton — at this point in their second terms.

But solid backing from his base supporters has kept Bush from sinking to the depths reached by former presidents Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bush’s father. Truman decided not to run for re-election. Nixon resigned. Carter and the first President Bush were defeated in re-election campaigns.

This president should be glad he’s not running for re-election,” said Karlyn Bowman, a public opinion analyst from the American Enterprise Institute. “But the president is clearly holding his base. It’s very important for him to keep the base support in terms of getting things done.”

Indeed, Republicans in Congress already are starting to fret about the 2006 election. If Bush’s approval ratings sink lower, more of them may be unwilling to go along with his major initiatives for fear it could cause backlash for them with voters.

Bush’s job approval in recent polls ranges from the low- to mid-40s. It was 42 percent in the latest AP-Ipsos poll. His ratings on everything from handling Iraq to the economy to Social Security and other domestic issues are at their lowest levels so far.

…The partisan divide for Bush is stark — 80 percent of Democrats disapprove of his overall performance while nearly 90 percent of Republicans approve.

I think this last stat is the most depressing. How on earth can groups of people be so far apart in their perception of the kind of job the president is doing? For god’s sake, look at the economy (the housing bubble, stagnant wages, gas prices, CAFTA, the credit card bill), Iraq (no explanation needed there), and the complete dishonesty of this administration that has been exposed over and over (from JimmyJeff to DSM to the Plame leak).

What on earth do the Repugs see as worthy of 90% approval of this point? I truly do not understand this. If we were only talking about rich folks that are doing well, that will be one thing, but it has to be some truly powerful Kool-Aid (and Democratic ineptitude) to keep that many people on board with this ass-clown.

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