Shorter than a Bob Dole orgasm

Oh, dear me. We all recall The Anchoress’s call for civility the other day (“Hey you kids! Pipe down! Don’t make me come back there and use my hard drive full of urls and email addresses on you!”) here is an excerpt best read in a calm soothing inner voice. Oh, and do it in your “happy place”:

What I am going to do is ask the blogs – both sides – (which are, contrary to the opinion of some managed by mostly intelligent, educated people) to take both stories and eliminate the noise, eliminate the knee-jerk suspicions and raised eyebrows. I’m asking the blogs to suppress the urge to bellow at “those fiends!” on the “other side” of each story and consider what the story, finally, means for America. I’m asking the bloggers to, having hacked through the clinging vines, obfuscation and media frames and narratives, look at the very serious and fundamental questions that exist within each story.

Now breathe deep…..ahhhhh. Feel better? Heart rate down? Good.

Here is The Anchoress today:

Newsweek is certainly to be commended for this piece, which allows some little sense of balance to the manipulative, Michael Moore-ish production now going on in Crawford, Texas. Holly Bailey and Evan Thomas bring us an unflinching story, gleaned from interviews with grieving families who have met with President Bush. Some support him, some do not, but none of the families report the sick sort of joviality and cold indifference with which Mrs. Sheehan now charges President Bush.(Her emphasis)

So what do you guys want to go with? Her words or her deeds?

She writes in mysterious ways….

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