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We're at the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Fest

Just stopped back at the house to feed and let out the dogs before returning to the festival. Won’t be a lot of posting (or responding to emails today), but thanks for stopping by and commenting, especially on that LaBarbera letter — what a hoot that was.

These were my favorite films so far…

OFFICIAL SELECTION! FULLFRAME Documentary Film Festival Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (US, NR, 2005, 76 min) The Education of Shelby Knox is a coming of age story about a teenage girl who joins a campaign for comprehensive sex education in the high schools of Lubbock, Texas. As Shelby is swept into the fight, she begins to question her deeply conservative Southern Baptist upbringing. When the campaign broadens to include a fight for a gay-straight alliance, Shelby confronts her family and her pastor, in the end declaring herself a feminist and a liberal Christian.

This was great. The bottom line is that Lubbock, TX is completely overrun by the AmTaliban. I don’t know how this child shot out of the womb as the progressive spitfire that she is, given the complete cultural immersion in fundamentalist thinking and politics surrounding her. I’d hate to be a gay person in Lubbock. Bonus points for including a picket by the Westboro Baptist Church (no Fred, but Jael was there).

OFFICIAL SELECTION! San Francisco Int’l LGBT Festival NewFest: The New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Film Festival OutFest: The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Frameline: The San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (US, NR, 2005, 61 min) With tongue placed firmly in cheek, The D Word, produced in part by Dyke TV and starring Marga Gomez, follows a group of young queer friends and family as they stumble through work and sex lives. Watch drama in the Big Queer Apple populated by people who look like people. Coming soon, in more ways than one.

Great parody of The L Word. The filmmakers were there and said the lawyers for the Showtime series were pissed off at it, but they had no legal leg to stand on to sue them, lololol. Oh — and they had a heinous “Jenny” character named Dani, and she wrote equally excruciating, ponderous crap that they typed across the screen, oh we were dying.

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Pam Spaulding