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My poll on gas prices

House Blender Paul sent a photo of a gas station in San Francisco that accompanies an SFGate article.

Driving back and forth to the film festival, we’ve notice that gas prices have leapt out of control since last week, as the price per barrel has moved to $67. I tanked up last Saturday at Costco for $2.18/gal. Today, Katie pulled in and it was $2.30. Costco, of course, is membership-based store, so the fuel there is usually 8-10 cents cheaper than gas stations.

On the way home today, however, we noticed that it’s spiraling out of control. We saw one station that had regular unleaded at $2.62! Good lord, we actually could hit $3/gal here in NC. This is completely f*cked. Thank god my commute is only about 8 miles, and my Ford Focus wagon gets decent mileage.

Our friends D. and Corye have a Prius.

You see a TON of hybrid cars around here now, in comparison to last year. The favored one seems to be the Toyota Prius. Friends of ours recently got one (last year’s model) and they love it.

Personally, I wish Subaru would invest in hybrid technology. Unfortunately, their new release vehicle is an SUV, the quite unattractive B9 Tribeca. Don’t ask me why they thought they needed to get into that dead-end market now. If they did any research based on what sells here in central NC, they’d be jumping into hybrids n-o-w. Their Outback station wagon is almost as ubiquitous as Civics or Camrys are elsewhere (likely because of the high queer and nuts -n- granola progressive folks in the area). It was weird when we went to Birmingham, AL. I didn’t see one Outback the entire time — I did see a whole lot of Lexus cars and SUVs. What’s up with that?

Anyway, what’s the cost of gas around your parts now?

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