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Letter from a Blender to Peter LaBarbara

I gave Blenders a little background on Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, Peter LaBarbera, and his activities in an earlier post. He’s deep into the AmTaliban movement, having served as senior analyst in the Cultural Studies Department of the Family Research Council. He’s the founder of Americans for Truth, which seeks to purge the homo agenda from schools, and is the former publisher of the Lambda Report on Homosexual Activism, a newsletter that monitored the gay movement “using homosexual sources.”

His biggest (and most interesting) claim to fame is that he likes to “do research” on male homo behavior by doing things like going undercover at the International Mr. Leather conference, and reviewing lots of man-on-man pornography so he can inform his readers about all the sinful behavior going on. You know, there’s nothing like first-hand information.

This will make you laugh till you cry. House Blender David emailed me a little missive he sent off to Peter, who has an unhealthy fascination with the S&M; and leather set for a man publicly dedicated to plain vanilla Christian living. Emphasis is mine.


I really enjoy your blog. And living in the Chicago area, I especially enjoy your posts about everyone’s favorite closet queen, Peter LaBarbra (Streisand). Here’s a copy of the email I sent him. And keep up the great work!

Dear Mr. LaBarbra:

I had to respond to your post on the IFI site detailing your visit to the Halsted Street Market Days last Sunday. As it turns out, I was there at the same time you were. Perhaps you saw me. I was at the ACLU booth signing up new members. I’m not sure, but judging from your photo, I think I saw you there, too. If I’m not mistaken, you were wearing leather chaps and a sleeveless “I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore, Toto” T-shirt. Or maybe that was someone else who just looked like you. Afterall, there sure were a lot of people there, weren’t there? One might get the impression that the event was actually, how shall I put it, popular.

Peter was just doing research at the bathhouse to see “a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men.”

Looking over your website, I can’t help but be impressed by the tremendous amount of research that you’ve compiled regarding gay male sexuality. Goodness, you even paid good money (and defied your wife’s objections) to attend the IML Conference. Very impressive, and allow me to commend you on your determination to so thoroughly explore, first hand, as it were, the many facets of the gay male lifestyle. Such personal dedication deserves praise, but one thing intrigues me. To the best of my knowledge, you never seem to have conducted any research at all into the activities of FEMALE gay people, aka, lesbians. Very, very interesting. The only explanation I can think of is that the sex lives of women don’t interest you as much as the sex lives of men. Don’t worry. I can relate. Another interesting aspect of your ongoing research is, if you’ll pardon my saying so, how unnecessary it all seems to be. No offense, but doesn’t everyone have a pretty good idea of what goes on inside a gay bar or a leather conference or a gay bathhouse without you breathlessly informing them? I imagine that even your girlfriends at Concerned Women For America know what gay men do with each other without any help from you. But who am I to criticize? I’m sure that your research provides a valuable function for the average American and is conducted with the greatest personal sacrifice on your part. I’m also sure that you would much rather spend a quiet evening at home with your wife than have to drive all the way into Chicago to attend an gay male leather onference, wouldn’t you?

At any rate, I enjoyed your shocking expose of the Halsted Street Market Days and have no doubt that you’ll be attending (without the wife, I’m sure) next year. Perhaps we could get together while you’re there and share one of those delicious, tropical-looking drinks in the hollowed out pineapple that everyone seemed to be sipping this year. I promise I’ll be discrete. Just one more thing. Please promise me that, as you continue to conduct your important research into the sexual activies of gay men, that you always remember to wear a condom.

Please write back. I’d love to hear from you!

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