Food for Oil! Food for Oil! For for O—. What? Oh. Able Danger!
Able Danger! Able Danger!

Well, Captain Cubicle and all the other Counterterrorism Kids are all aflutter over Able Danger because:

A) It’s easy to type
B) If they had known about Able Danger and Atta in 2000, they would have totally stopped 9/11 …and bet heavily on the Red Sox in 2004.

Kevin The Political Animal has the best overview to date:

This is a mountain of speculation given that actual facts on the ground seem to be almost nonexistent. We know that the Able Danger program existed, but that’s about it. We don’t really know anything about it aside from the vague description that it was a data mining operation of some kind; we don’t know what it discovered about al-Qaeda; and we don’t know whether it identified any of the 9/11 terrorists a year before the attacks, as Curt Weldon claims. There is, literally, about three sentences worth of information about the nature of Able Danger in the published reports so far, all of it from Weldon and his obviously disgruntled intelligence source.

To put yourself in the proper mindset for Able Danger, think of it this way:

–The failure of intelligence officials to give more weight to unsourced, undocumented chatter from Able Danger resulted in epic and tragic consequences.

–The failure of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice to pay any attention to a report entitled Bin Laden Determined to Strike In US one month before 9/11 is a simple clerical error.

You’re welcome…

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