These are things of which we will not speak…

Oh dear. This whole Cindy Sheehan hubbub has certainly been hard on the 101st, since doing the attack-the-Gold-Star-Mom-support-the-war two-step has really put them in the awkward position of holding the sympathy mask in place while, at the same time, giving Sheehan the finger.

Enter Darlene, just a good old-fashioned common-sense mom with good old-fashioned common-sense advice for the common people for their own good. Darlene strings together a series of posts in the time honored manner of over-the-backyard-fence gossip. You know:

“Oh that poor Mrs. Sheehan down the street. She lost her son, bless his soul, and now she’s gone bull-goose, bat-shit loonier than a shit house rat, bless her heart.”

You know the type. A tray of chocolate chip cookies laced with rat turds.

I left a comment with her last night, but it seems to be a sore point, and this morning **poof** it’s gone. Here’s what Darlene has to say:

While some of the cultists are babbling talking points in the comments in the previous post (and I blame them, not Cindy, for her psychic break), Patterico points to a poignant piece addressed to Cindy from Mohammed at Iraq the Model…

She then proceeds to act as Mohammeds radio and excerpt from his post:

Your son sacrificed his life for a very noble cause…No, he sacrificed himself for the most precious value in this existence; that is freedom.

…and so I asked Darlene, in my soft inside voice:

When was the last time that you sacrificed something Darlene? After all, I notice that you’ve put a link on your blog to raise money to send what I presume to be your daughter to college.

If you enjoy this site, help me send this girl to college! Every cent counts.

Couldn’t she avail herself of the many educational opportunities and signing bonuses from one of the fine arms of our military branches?

But, alas, Darlene wouldn’t hear of it.

Bless her heart….

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