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Ultra-important info: Top 10 dead stars

I knew that Q scores are used to determine the popularity of celebs and public figures. Currently Tom Hanks is at the top of the list. That’s no surprise.

What I didn’t know, is that they also poll folks to rank dead people.

For 41 years, Levitt’s company has given consumers a list of names and asked if they know the people and to rate how much they like them. From their responses they calculate the Q score, a measure of both familiarity and likability. Advertising executives use the information to make sponsorship decisions, while broadcasters check Q scores to see how well their news and entertainment stars are connecting.

Here are the latest top 10 non-working, non-living stiffs that people like:

1. Lucille Ball
2. Bob Hope

3. John Wayne (I agree with Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” on this guy)
4. Jimmy Stewart

5. Red Skelton (I’m old. I remember watching his show when I was a kid)
6. Johnny Carson
7. John Ritter
8. Jackie Gleason
9. Charles Schulz

10. Michael Landon – (lord, Highway to Heaven is unwatchable – what a piece of 80s crap)

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding