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TGIF's Wing-Nut Literacy Week wrap

Mike Tidmus has supplied some ace work this week on the Wing-Nut Literacy Week campaign. He wraps up with ass-clown O’Reilly. Click to enlarge and laugh.

Although he’d be considered fairly unbalanced by most people’s standards, Faux News entertainer, Bill O’Reilly has typed up a literary masterpiece (by conservative standards) in his new, tell-all autobiography, My Secret Life as Spinzo the Clown.

O’Reilly reveals that he first adopted the Spinzo persona to explore his warm and fuzzy side. Spinzo, Bill tells us, likes nothing more than to get into his wig, make-up and size 16 (ladies take note!) floppy red patent shoes, stretch out on the sofa with a Bud-Lite and a bag of Doritos, turn on PBS and “scream at those damned liberals.” It’s a simple life, but then O’Reilly was born to simple parents and has remained simple most of his life.

In chapter 11, Hello Little Girl. Is Your Mother Home?, O’Reilly explains the benefits of Bangkok loofahs versus the domestic variety; reveals excerpts from his private conversations with the Loofah Lama in Tibet; and briefly touches on his personal tastes in music, which range from classics by the Spinners to more contemporary groups like the Spin Doctors.

Day One: Lou Sheldon

Day Two: Sean Hannity

Day Three: Ann Coulter

Day Four: Swift Boat Liars

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding