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It's clear now: Peter LaBarbera has to be a Friend of Dorothy

Let me ask you: have you ever attended a street festival or town fair that has a booth hosted by a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men? Only in Chicago, and YOU are apparently already paying to promote it!

— Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, Peter LaBarbera, doing his “undercover research” at a gay street fest.

Read Peter’s latest “exposé” of the “homosexual underground” — he can’t stay away from the S&M; and leather. We report, you decide.

…As I strode down Halsted street at Market Days, I came upon a man who was “MC” for the Cell Block stand. “Cell Block” is a Chicago “leather bar” catering to sadomasochists. The man had the words “Sex Pig” tattooed” on his back, signaling his “sexual orientation” toward the most extreme homosexual acts, which are way to gross to describe here.

…At the table for the Howard Brown Health Center, I picked up a flier titled “A Men’s Guide to Safer Leather Sex.” The same group distributed a card for TYRA, the Transgender Youth Resource and Advocacy Group, “a support group for transgender and questioning youth.” Gee, I wonder what kind of answers the pro-transsexual folks at TYRA and Howard Brown give to the “questioning” youth that enter their doors.

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Thanks to Eva of Lloydletta for the pointer.

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