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AmTaliban won't leave folks overseas alone either

“This is a wonderful opportunity for American Christians from all ethnic backgrounds, to become missionaries to Asia without leaving home. The idea of this program is to establish a friendship with someone from Taiwan who reads and speaks English and, as part of that relationship, be able to share their faith with them and also learn about their life and beliefs.”

— “international journalist” Dan Wooding on pen-pal evangelism

Remember the post “Even seniors can’t escape the bible beaters“? Residents of a public seniors housing complex were forced to hide in bathrooms to escape the proselytizing evangelicals living among them.

Now we have them reaching through the “internets” to folks in Taiwan…you can be my friend if you accept Jeebus. I wish we could ship the AmTaliban out of here, but I don’t want to inflict these folks on the world as an export from my country.

Following a flood of e-mails from young people in Taiwan who are seeking new friends in America, international journalist Dan Wooding has urged American Christians to become involved in “friendship evangelism” with new friends in Taiwan.

“The need is pressing for us to show the love of Christ to the Taiwanese people,” said Wooding, 64, the founder and president of ASSIST Ministries based in Garden Grove, California. “It is essential for them to know that people in America care for their physical and spiritual needs.”

The e-mail program is called Bridge of Friendship – Taiwan. “Over the past few weeks we have heard from many young people in Taiwan, mostly students, who would love to have a friend in America that they can correspond with by e-mail,” Wooding explains. “Most of them are studying English as a second language through a ministry called Studio Classroom. Now is the time to share with them a message of comfort and hope. We are looking for pen pals of all ages to participate in the program.”

“We call the aim of this project ‘Love Tucked Inside An E-Mail message,'” says Wooding, who is also an author and broadcaster.

Taiwan has 12 officially recognized religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam. Slightly more than half the people in Taiwan profess a faith; Buddhism has the most adherents, followed by Taoism.

…”I truly believe that there are many Christians in the United States who would love to have the opportunity to help make a difference in the life of a new friend in Taiwan and also be a living witness at this time in the history of this nation,” said Wooding. “Now is the time to act!”

According to his son, former writer for the Wooding lives in California and runs a ministry there.

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Pam Spaulding