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I’ve got a hot tip for an Army Recruiter
looking to make his monthly goal.

Well within enlistment age…. Posted by Picasa

Erick-Woods Erickson
Born in Zachary, Louisiana, June 3, 1975. Lived for ten years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

So far so good. 30 years old…Middle East experience.

Living in the Middle East for ten years and traveling extensively through five of seven continents, I have “real world” experience with many different cultures that uniquely translates into the ability to effectively deal with competing cultures in business, legal, and political environments.

Oooooo. That would be helpful. But, oh-oh, chickenhawk alert.

Coalitions Coordinator, Saxby Chambliss for Congress, Macon, Georgia 1994-1998
Working through a college internship program for the campaign of then Congressman Saxby Chambliss, I assisted in fundraising and press relations for the campaign. My primary role was in development of grassroots coalitions to assist the campaign in volunteer and get out the vote exercises.

That would be this Saxby Chambliss:

Name: Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
Born: 1943
Employer: The U.S. Taxpayer
Conflict Avoided: Vietnam
Notes: There are chickenhawks, and then there are chickenhawks. Saxby Chambliss is a chickenhawk supreme. He got himself elected to the Senate by casting aspersions on the patriotism of the incumbent, Democrat Max Cleland. Cleland lost three limbs serving his country in Vietnam. Saxby Chambliss was unable to serve because of his bad knees, but somehow is able to totter along as a recreational runner.

…so he learned at the masters bad knees.

But there is still hope. Can he lead men?:

2004: Leadership Institute, “Campaign Leadership School.”
2004: NBI, “Advanced Asset Protection.”
2004: Lorman, “Creation of LLC’s in Georgia.”
2003: NBI, “Counseling the Small Business Client in Georgia.”
2003: Republican National Lawyers Association, “2003 Election Law School.”
2002: Leadership Institute, “Youth Leadership School.”
1999: Leadership Institute, “Grassroots Activist School.”

…and does he know how important the war on terror is?:

Iraq will be free. And in September we will all go back to forgetting who Cindy Sheehan is, not that we ever cared to begin with, and we will remain in Iraq.

I was thinking OCS except for the fact that he seems to need someone else to fight his fight for him (again with the chickehawk).

Let’s call the whole thing off.

He’d be fragged within a week.

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