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Wingnut moaning over the pastor's formerly pious penis

AgapePress’s Matt Friedeman is sobbing because Satan has taken over pastor David Seamands’ penis.

This guy, 83-year-old Kentucky pastor, David Seamands (who couldn’t keep his pious pickle in his pants) really has the Right moaning, squiming and looking for answers. I should send him a check for making laugh so hard at the hypocrisy.

Satan made him do it; so says Matt Friedeman, wingnut columnist at AgapePress. I am loving this…

He was a hero to many of us. And, one of the first urges for prot?Šg?Šs and admirers is to run to his defense. Someone, in trying to do just that this week, said “Well, he’s only human.”

That won’t do. It won’t do for the latest fall of a local pastor, for a Southern Baptist and former president named William Jefferson Clinton and his sexual trysts, or for former governor and evangelical favorite Kirk Fordice of Mississippi, who had an unapologetic affair while he was in office. Or, frankly, for anybody else.

We are called to be human — wholly human — like Jesus Christ was fully human. And to be a man in this regard means to live life with godly integrity, with sexual purity, with love for wife and holy respect of the Body of Christ. “Only human” is not an excuse in the mind of God and will not suffice before the judgment seat of Christ.

But know this — if the forces of evil can weave a web of deceit in the minds of someone like of David Seamands, then those forces can likely do it in ours as well. And our only defense against such treachery is the grace of God.

Pray for it. Jesus’ premier disciple seemed to recognize the dangers out there. “Be self-controlled and alert,” Peter once wrote. “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

He has now devoured the reputation of someone thought to be one of His finest. Who, dear God, is next?

Cue up the Psycho music!

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Pam Spaulding