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Musgrave shuts her trap (for now) on marriage amendment

Homo-bigot Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), up for re-election, fears for her political life, so she’s toning down her drumbeat for a marriage amendment. Sorry, honey, folks aren’t going to forget what you said and did.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage vaulted her to fast fame shortly after she arrived on Capitol Hill two years ago, but it also made the Fort Morgan Republican a national target.

Although she’s a second-term incumbent in a solidly Republican district, Musgrave is considered one of the most-endangered House Republicans. Amid the attacks, she hasn’t been as quick to lead the charge against gay marriage.

After coming to Congress in 2003, she introduced the Federal Marriage Amendment by the end of May. This year, Musgrave has yet to introduce it at all.

…in an interview reported Wednesday by The Associated Press, she confirmed that she’s holding off on the legislation for the time being while states and the courts battle over the issue at the state level.

We’re kind of waiting to see what happens,” she told AP. “There is overwhelming support for marriage to be defined as the union between a man and woman. We’ll see what happens before I run it up again.” .

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