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Blend makes list of 'Top Progressive Political Blog and Netroots' sites

I guess there are more people reading the Blend than I thought… 🙂

House Blenders, I have to thank you for visiting and recommending others here because Pam’s House Blend made it onto the list of Top Progressive Political Blog and Netroots sites. [If you read the report (PDF), you can see PHB just squeezed onto the list on page 20.]

The New Politics Institute released “The Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere,” and it’s a study of this growing area of “new media.” The authors are Chris Bowers of MyDD and Matt Stoller of Blogging of the President, the report looks at the rise of progressive online communities over the past two years.

Weekly views were the criteria for making the list, which is at the end of a good analysis of blogs today; at the time they pulled the blog’s numbers, the weekly view was 9,487. As of this week, PHB averages 11,846, so thanks a bunch for continuing to come back!

Just for perspective (and humility):
* Daily Kos landed on top, of course. Page views there — 3,836,836.
* AmericaBlog landed a whopping 517,490 views.
* One of my faves, BlogActive (run by Mike Rogers also of PageOneQ), came in with 13,636.

* Fellow Bloggrrl Shakespeare’s Sister has zoomed up the charts with 21,034 page views!

Go read the report and see where your favorite blogs come in and how progressive blogs measure up to those on the Right. (pdf | html)

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Pam Spaulding