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Beautiful: another pious priest caught with his pants down

[UPDATE: He resigned.]

I can’t possibly keep up with the public “moral” breakdown of the AmTaliban. If the these high-horse idiots of the Religious Right didn’t wield such political power and influence they would simply be laughable — but these people are dangerous and must be exposed. Thanks, House Blenders, for pointing these people out.

In yesterday’s thread, “Another pious penis falls off the wagon“, Commenter Fluffy Halifax mentioned yet another holier-than-thou candidate for the Conservative Values Monitor that was caught with his pickle where it doesn’t belong.

Here’s Eugene V. Clark. On the right is Laura DeFilippo. She and Clark were boinking, took many vacations together, spent many weekends at Clark’s house on Long Island and exposed the DeFilippo’s teenage daughter to their romantic relationship.

One problem — Clark is Msgr. Eugene V. Clark, rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He’s also well-known as a unhinged conservative. (Newsday):

He is a conservative stalwart – a priest who could be counted upon to preach orthodoxy from the city’s highest-profile Roman Catholic pulpit. He has condemned gay relationships as “truly sinful,” railed against a “sex-saturated” culture and defended priestly celibacy.

From the NY Daily News report: “When they got to the motel at 11:07 a.m., the tape showed the 79-year-old rector of St. Pat’s walking into the motel office while his leggy companion sat in the van and reapplied her lipstick. The tape does not show what the investigator called Clark’s “high sign” after he got a room. “It was like a field goal sign,” the investigator said. “He had both hands up in the air, like he just scored a touchdown.”

Philip DeFilippo [her husband] was quoted in media reports as saying he had videotapes showing his wife and the priest going into the White Sands Motel in Amagansett and checking out hours later. Photos showing Clark arriving at the hotel, then leaving wearing a different shirt, were published yesterday in the Daily News.

“This is devastating not just because he’s a power player in the Catholic community, but because he’s such a well-known champion of orthodoxy.”
— William “Whackjob” Donohue, president of the Catholic League on yet another holy hypocrite biting the dust

…Clark’s reputation for orthodoxy – he appeared regularly, for instance, on the conservative Eternal World Television Network – made the allegations all the more difficult for many to fathom yesterday.

“It’s outrageous,” said a man who declined to give his name, as he entered St. Patrick’s. “In view of what he said about our sex-saturated society and pounded on sex, it’s hypocritical.”

However, Edwin Pacheco, 42, of Richmond Hill, said he was not ready to believe the worst. “Yes, there are pictures, but he could have been there for something else,” said the high school science teacher. [Riiiight.]

From the NYT article on the this loser:

In a 2002 homily at St. Patrick’s, Monsignor Clark complained that the small percentage of priests who have a tendency to abuse children sexually have their resolve weakened by the sinful images that pervade American culture. He also said that seminaries deserved part of the blame for the abuse scandal because they allowed homosexuals to enter the ministry. The homily drew outrage from many Catholics and gay organizations, and the archdiocese said that Monsignor Clark was only speaking for himself.

The way to defeat these public moralizing hypocrites is to make examples of them all. If any of them had a healthy attitude toward sex, they wouldn’t be beating a bible in public about what you should or shouldn’t do in your bedroom, or what control you should have over your body.

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