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Anti-Sheehan Rally Cancelled Due to the Fact That — Well, It Was A Really Bad Idea

I guess Clear Channel got an overwhelmingly negative response to DJ Jack Hammer’s plans for an anti-Cindy Sheehan rally on Saturday. Seems even people in Texas weren’t too happy about him inviting soldiers down from Ford Hood to mock Ms. Sheehan for honoring her dead son. There will still be a rally, which the overcompensating Mr. “Hammer” is designating as a “Pro-Bush” rally, but it will not be in Crawford.

I do not care where or when it happens, I emailed the General this morning, this guy needs to be a target of Operation Yellow Elephant in the absolute worst way.

There is not enough alcohol in the world. Seriously I would have to be in a fucking coma to do this guy.

(thanks to torridjoe for the heads up)

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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