The Coming Adventures of Whalerider IV

Okay…put on your “ew” goggles:

Whispering at the Watercooler
This from an e-mailer: “It is being whispered at CNN/Atlanta that Daryn Kagan has been passed over for any and all promotion due to her relationship with Limbaugh. If she has a job at the end of the year at CNN it will be a miracle. Bosses are not happy with her boyfriend and his daily bashing of the network.”

UPDATE: This from another e-mailer: “The truth iS that she HAS NO PROMOTION OFFERS! The RUMOR IS that she may marry Rush and her time will be devoted to “other things”, i.e., less airtime.”

Additional: Here’s another e-mail: “Kagan does have a soft back stop with her rich boyfriend. But she is not ready to start popping out Rush babies yet. She is being gently shown the door. Too bad. She is a fixture at CNN. We will miss her here.” (my emphasis)

If I were Daryn Kagan I would be less upset with idle chatter about my career prospects, and more concerned with someone offhandedly reminding people that I am actually having sex with Rush Limbaugh. As a talking head on CNN, I wouldn’t want people watching me on their TV and wondering what I must look like with Rush’s balls bouncing on my chin——

I’m sorry. I just made America throw up a little in its mouth.

Forget I mentioned it.

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