Guerillas in our midst…

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The danger within:

Report: Al Qaeda in Philippines Plan Attacks

Islamic militants linked to Al Qaeda have plotted attacks on U.S. and British consulates, hotels, a mall and other targets across the country, according to a confidential Philippines government report reviewed Thursday by The Associated Press.

The report, which was prepared in March, contains sketchy details of bombing, kidnapping and assassination plots that Philippine intelligence agencies say are linked to the Abu Sayyaf (search) extremist group and the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (search).

Some of the attacks were intended to be staged by Filipino militants trained by Al Qaeda’s regional ally, Jemmah Islamiyah (search), the report said.

Abu Sayyaf members have been battling government troops in the southern Philippines, and the group has been blamed for bombings and other terror attacks in recent years, including two explosions in the southern port of Zamboanga that wounded 26 people late Wednesday.

It would be wrong to paint all Filipinos as terrorists, but we just can’t be too safe these days when terrorists threaten our way of life. So it is, with great sadness, that we must start rounding up the usual suspects.

It’s not profiling if they look
like they’re capable of anything
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I hear Manzanar is lovely this time of year…

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