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Tidmus on Coulter

We’re on Day Three of Wing-Nut Literacy Week over at Mike Tidmus’s blog. Today the bony-*ss, bedworn b*tch of the Reich is the featured cover (click to enlarge). Mike says:

It’s Humpday (middle of the week, halfway to Friday), so, as you might have guessed, it’s time to uncover the reigning princess of the radical right, Ms Ann Coulter.

Although she’s been known to borrow a line (or complete paragraphs) from here and there and there and there, and she might not get her facts any straighter than the men with whom she hangs out, Ann is a remarkably accomplished typist in her own right.

As a touring, stand-up comic, Ms Coulter is a delicate hybrid of comedienne Vivian Vance and Charles Manson. Her glib one-liners (tossed off with the aplomb of Rush popping an OxyContin between callers) send young, male, college Republicans into hysterical fits of laughter. Ann provides her adoring audience with a brief respite from the intensity of fraternity hazing; the challenges of cheerleading practice; the exhaustive efforts of typing scathing, anti-liberal-pro-war editorials for the college paper; and the time-consuming creation of excuses for why they won’t be enlisting for service in Iraq.

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