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Freeper debate: nursing in the ballpark

Left: bad boobies. Right: good boobies.

“We love naked breasts as long as they are jiggling in front of us for titillation, for sexual excitement and for entertainment. But put a naked breast in front of them that is providing nutrition to an infant – and that’s too offensive. It’s almost laughable.”

— women’s rights attorney and former Patriots cheerleader Wendy Murphy

Has the clock rolled back? I thought the ability of a mother to breastfeed her child in public was a done deal. It wasn’t until I surfed over to Freeperland that I found out there’s still a hubbub. A story in the Boston Herald about policies at local ballparks seems to have incited sudden boobie-phobia over in the slime-filled hovel of the Freepi.

Women in favor of public breastfeeding are demanding the right the nurse their infants in the stands at sports arenas, but say they feel pressured to leave their pricey seats and feed their babies in bathrooms or first aid stations.

They’ve paid for their seat, they have the right to be in that seat, so they have the right to breastfeed their baby there – that’s our understanding of the law,” said Lezlie Densmore of La Leche League in Massachusetts. None of the area’s three major sports venues have written policies on breastfeeding, creating confusion among mothers over what is allowed.

* At Gillette Stadium, a spokesman said women can nurse anywhere. But a security official told a Herald reporter inquiring about the policy that mothers must breastfeed in designated areas.

* At Fenway, both a fan service representative and a security official said if a fan finds a nursing mother “offensive” it is up to park security to decide whether the mother must go to a more discreet area. [WTF is this? What a dumb policy. Why should some fuddyduddy afraid of a titty under a blanket nursing a baby force a mother into a filthy ballpark restroom?]

* At TD Banknorth Garden, public nursing is handled on a “case-by-case basis,” said spokeswoman Courtney McIlhenny.

Joanne Collins, a Hanover mother who nursed her three children, said women shouldn’t be ostracized for breastfeeding. “I don’t care where it is. I don’t know why a child should be withheld food because someone else’s comfort level is being compromised,” Collins said.

And so, they erupted; too many of these knuckle-draggers equate breastfeeding with urination or defecation — that pretty much says it all. It’s interesting to see the healthy amount of the Freepi women (I’d be surprised if there were many forward-thinking men in that joint) that are appalled by their Cro-magnon counterparts.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“any mother who would take a 3 month infant to Fenwyt or the Garden is, IMHO, an UNFIT mother..”

“Stay home and feed your babies. Do you really think it’s good to drag babies all over the place, especially a sporting event with all the drunks? Put their needs first. I would never take an infant to a game – yuck!”

“Oh, not this shi’ite again. If she’s decently dressed, nobody’s going to notice. (And if somebody’s staring around the bleachers looking for bo*bs, maybe professional sports isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!) [VOICE OF REASON!?]”

“Classy chicks, these. I guess men should be allowed to urinate in the stands to make it even.”

They’ve paid for their seat, they have the right to be in that seat, so they have the right to breastfeed their baby there – that’s our understanding of the law

“Absolutely right. And since I’ve paid for my seat, I’ve got the right to urinate right here too! After all, the stadium sold me the beer. Why should I have to miss part of the game because of the stadium’s actions?”

“It’s a breast and a baby that’s feeding from it, big deal. If it bothers you, don’t stare. I really don’t enjoy watching people pick their nose, or honk a snot ball out, so I make a point not to stare at it if I notice it happening. [Disgusting voice of reason.]”

“From what you wrote, your wife used a blanket to cover up herself and the nursing baby. What you and others might not be aware of is this IN-YOUR-FACE form of nursing, that refuses to use a blanket, whips out a boob, sticks it in baby’s mouth and sits there for all the world to see. I am so sick of going to stores, movie theatres, restaurants, and yes, to CHURCH, and seeing Mother’s nursing their babies without benefit of any sort of covering, and looking around with this defiant look, “What? Wanna say something about what I’m doing?” Whatever happened to privacy, and a sense of decency?”

“These arrogant, brazen displays have brought this outcry on themselves. The public is tired of seeing Mother’s with babies hanging off of them everywhere. What? Is it some badge of courage, for a woman to nurse in public and then DARE someone to say something?”

“Nursing a child in public is not the same thing as peeing in public and don’t you think the gawkers will be more interested in the cheerleaders shaking their enhanced mammaries on field than some kid having lunch? [LOLOLOLOLOLOL]”

“…When did infants not to be taken by their mothers to public places? Did I miss a meeting? Is a breast feeding infants feeding tube so repulsive in public that we should ban the female mammary gland and it’s function? Ahhh, a law…)”

“I always think it’s funny that men will pay to see bo*bs, or even *almost* see them … imagine you might if something slipped … like with sports cheerleaders or Hooters waitresses. But if there’s a baby eating, suddenly it’s horrific. That said, I’ve nursed babies all over the place, including the bleachers at a minor-league baseball game, and nobody ever noticed (or cared, if they did notice).”

[How unhinged is this? ] “Okay, so why does a player have to leave the game if blood is drawn until it stops? Because HIV is transmitted through blood. So why doesn’t a lactating mother have to leave the venue also? HIV can be transmitted through breast milk. Also the baby is not paying for entry to the stadium and no “outside” food is allowed. Get a sitter.”

“This may be cruel of me, but I am sick and tired of seeing these breed sows in public. Has modesty become a dirty word?”

[This one doesn’t hold back…] “Don’t get me wrong: I love babies, I love breasts, and I generally don’t have any problems with breast feeding babies in public places. The problem I have is paying big bucks for a good stadium seat only to have to deal with a screaming, pooping, puking baby. The only babes that I want to see at a game have short skirts, long legs, and well developed chest muscles. There you have it — I’m a pig.”

“That is pretty much the way I feel about breast-feeding in public. You hear how it is SUCH A NATURAL THING…well, so are urinating and defecating, but I don’t particularly want to have either done at the table next to mine in a restaurant, or anyplace else in public I might be.”

Move to Saudi Ar
abia.I hear they do not let sows out in public without a chad-or.You will feel so at home

“If the CHEERLEADERS are shaking boobage or showing cleavage, its OK. Mothers however, shouldn’t even THINK of feeding there kids in public (Sarcasm). I’ve yet to see one do it in an manner that wasn’t super discrete. ARGH!”

Now wide recievers will have an excuse when their coach asked them why they lost track of the ball.

“Any man sexually aroused by a nursing mother needs to have his head examined. I doubt seriously that this is a problem.”

“It really has nothing to do with feeding the child, it’s all about feminism, and women’s rights. In this nation those on the left take great pleasure in making all things a political issue right down to a breast and an innocent child.”

“I concur. Breasts are nice, but lets keep em covered….for the children.”

“The baby is EATING for goodness’ sake! And unlike urine or feces, breast milk does not end up in a puddle or pile on the floor to create a public health hazard, which is why people are not allowed to do it at the table next to you!”

“I don’t get it, ya’ll. I swear I don’t. Why is it that, in todays society, you can have Hooter’s sponsoring little league teams, teeny tiny bikinis that leave very little to the imagination, low cut jeans and short cropped tops, but people can their panties in a wad about a nursing mother? “

“Hmmm, interesting point….here you are “telling” a woman where she can feed her child in the manner in which God intended yet I’m the one telling people how to spend their money. Why should a woman that elects to breast-feed be relegated to public toilets to feed their child? Are you willing to eat your meals in a public toilet?”

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