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Rumor in Freeperland: Gay Day at Shea

I don’t know whether this story is actually true or not (I couldn’t find any news articles to confirm), but I was in Freeperland and this post was up. I had to share, because the reaction was hysterical. I can only hope that it is true because it will send some of these cretins over the edge. Just a little comic relief for the evening, Blenders.

New York Mets Planning Gay Pride Day in 2006
Posted on 08/08/2005 7:02:51 PM PDT by foxnewrules

A very close, religious friend of mine who works for the New York mets has informed me that the Mets are planning to hold a “Gay Pride Day” next June in conjunction with “gay pride day” at Shea Stadium. The Mets players will wear the “gay flag” on the upper left hand side of their uniforms, just above the S.

“Ok, if this does not beat all. We need top FReep the Mets. The Mets have been known to have Hispanic night, Jewish night, Irish night, Italian night, but golly, this is just taking it too far!”

“Insert Piazza joke here.”

“A curse on the Mets; May they suffer the same fate as the Wash Senators Ball Team.”

“Did you say New York Metrosexuals?”

“I can’t imagine this happening……”

“Theres not gonna be a homo night in Flushing Meadows. “

“And the entire lineup will be batting from the other side. “

“Or they will all be “switch hitters””

“I will kiss you on the strikes you can kiss me on the #^!$$”

“Every count will start with two balls.”

“If true, what an intrusion of sex into the simple game of baseball. If as Tom Hanks said, “There’s no crying in baseball,” then there certainly shouldn’t be any talk about gay, bi or lesbian “sex.””

“Seriously, though, this is already happening in other MLB ballparks, Philly being the one that I recall right now. It is an abomination.”

“IS Rusty Staub going to be the Grand Marshall?”

“Um, this has urban legend written all over it. I don’t think any team has ever worn a uniform flag for a cause like this.”

“The SF Giants have had a few gay pride days. In fact they wore ribbons I beleive.”

“Back in 80’s Keith Hernandez and Rusty Staub hung out together quite a bit. Keith a wine collector, and loved the restaurants of Manhattan. Keith was warned that being seen with Rusty Staub too much might hurt is endorsements.”

“BTW, Phillies gay day was discussed right here on this very forum, e.g. at”

“I didn’t know that. Plus, I might be jumping the gun on Rusty. I have heard that he doesn’t catch balls in the face and that no one knows how the rumor of him being gay came about.”

“unless Keith was doing coke lines off of Rusty’s naked body. I think I just made myself sick thinking about that.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not my Mets! Alright, we have Piazza, but we all know that the BIGGEST BUTT SLAMMERS in MLB are Rodriguez and Jeter!”

“The day the yankees do this is the day baseball dies, permanently. This has to be a joke. How about the “sheep” day? or some other sex fetish day on the park.”

“LOL… Now you Mets fans will have threads like this to look forward to:
Queer Eye guys to pitch Red Sox show at Fenway
Callahan not fond of ‘fruitcake’ (Red Sox go Queer)
Some see Red over Sox pitch for `Queer’
Sox prove good sports primping for ‘Queer Eye’
Show talk wears thin (Red Sox go pink)
Red Sox Fall for Queer Propaganda
TV’s ‘Queer Eye’ guys throw Fenway a curve (Pink Sox)

“I hope it’s a joke, but you may want to check out the links in post #60. The ‘Queer Eye’ guys showed up at Fenway on June 5, 2005. One of them sang the national anthem, and three others threw (like girls) the first pitch (see photo below). To the best of my memory, the Boston Red Sox organization didn’t “officially” declare the day Gay Pride Day though. My husband and I are Red Sox fans and just happened to be at the game that day (we had had our tickets months in advance). We booed the Queer Eye guys, along with many others in the crowd, but there was mostly reluctant applause. It’s one thing that these guys have a TV show for adults, but my main concern was that the children in the crowd would be exposed to this trash. This entire queer agenda has no place in baseball, IMHO.”

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