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Gay clergy defiant over celibacy calls

“This statement is perfectly consistent with the Church of England’s policy of double dealing, duplicity and disregard for decency. The Bishops’ Statement betrays contempt, once more, for lesbian and gay relationships and should be rejected as unloving, unpastoral and unworkable”

— Rev. Richard Kirker of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM)

Here’s the followup to my post on the crazy gyrations of the Church of England in its stance that gay clergy can marry, but they can’t have sex. Now that the U.K. will have the equivalent of civil marriage available to gays and lesbians, the church is in a pickle, so it came up with that “no sex” insanity as a compromise. This is so completely preposterous, that when I read it the first time around, I wondered what the conversations must have been like in the room when they settled on the policy and thought it was a smart idea.

For some reason…hmmm…that didn’t go over well with the clergy.

Gay clergy within the Church of England are apparently planning to defy the body’s call for celibacy amongst gay civil partners. According to The Telegraph, a number of clergy who take advantage of the new civil partnership laws with their partner have no intention of not having sex with their partner.

The response comes after bishops said gay clergy within the Church could hold civil partnerships with their partner but were not allowed to have sex once partnered. The Church of England allows heterosexual clergy to marry and have sex with their partner within marriage.

The bishops also said clergy should not give blessings to same-sex couples, as the Anglican communion faces ongoing rows over sexual diversity. According to the newspaper, several hundred gay clergy are planning to hold civil partnership ceremonies when the new laws come into force in December.

The bishops’ statement has already angered the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM). After it was released last month, the group’s Rev Richard Kirker warned that the Church of England was “spitting in the face” of gay members.

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Pam Spaulding

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