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Bush is going to keep f*cking Iraq over

US soldiers inspect the scene of a massive suicide car bomb explosion targeting a US military convoy, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2005, in Baghdad, Iraq.

Michael over at Americablog hit the nail on the head.

The MSM should be blistering Bush/Scotty with questions about plans to pull out troops beginning in the spring. Even under the non-reality-based world of Bush, there is no way to pretend that things are stabilizing in Iraq. A string of bombings killed 17 yesterday. Other fun news: the mayor of Baghdad was fired and no one knows why and people rioted in a Shiite city because of no dependable electricity or water.

Is there any reason other than midterm elections for Bush to pull out troops beginning in the spring? The insurgency is stronger than ever, bombers are ripping the country apart and even the US can’t keep the country stable.

Soldiers on the ground insist they need more troops. Everyone knows Bush has enough soldiers to “clear out” a city of insurgents but not enough to keep the city secure. As soon as they pull out, more insurgents go back in. Doesn’t Iraq need more troops, not less?

Bush is planning a pullout and there’s no realistic way to declare victory, unless he can get the Iraqis to ram passage through of a constitution. Settling a document that will satisfy all factions completely and grant adequate civil rights to all is completely unrealistic as the draft was written in only a couple of months. South Africa took years to write its post-apartheid constitution, working to ensure buy-in from all parties. I can’t wait to see what ends up in this constitution regarding the rights of women. If the desire to keep Sharia law prevails, that will be a disaster.

He can obviously engineer/fixing the mid-term elections, and he can simply say the enough troops have been trained — if the press doesn’t force answers from the Administration. Will the MSM go after them?

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