Like a big dysfunctional family…The Jeb! Bushes come to mind what with the drugs and all

VKW emails me and makes an unnecessary mea culpa regarding comments in the Tierny post:

Tbogg, I have sinned against humorous blogging in general and you in particular. I am VKW, sometimes referred to as “Anonymous” by other bloggers.

I disagreed with your take on Tierney and posted a comment about that. That got a reaction that got me more involved in talking about alternative approaches to addiction, which led to the first abusive response, which I mostly agreed with, and thatfollow-up comment of mine somehow led to a second, much more abusive response. Not what I had in mind, and probably not what you were expecting either.

Now, I think most of the people posting on this topic agree with me that the “War on Drugs” is a miserable failure in terms of protecting the public. And I thought I might post a comment to that effect, concede that your fans have little or no belief that drug legalization could be helpful, and ask what alternatives they think might make the situation less desperate. Not a carefully thought-out plan with a budget, just some ideas. More cops? More laws? More enforcement of existing laws? Longer prison sentences? Easier access to addiction treatment? Or what?

Given that some of the comments suggest that I want kids to take drugs, that I am a moron, and that I am a moral monster, I expect that the above comment would not be taken seriously if I post it.

I am e-mailing you to apologize for creating a furor over a topic I take very seriously. I am also asking if you would be interested in posting the above question under your name, to see what the commenters have to say on the topic. I guarantee that I will not comment on it!

Thanks for considering my idea.

First off there is no reason to apologize. We’re all about the free exchange of ideas as well as bickering, ad hominem attacks, and snotty references about people looks.

Just like around the tbogg dinner table…but with less tater-tot tossing.

Bicker away, don’t take it too seriously, and remember that we’re all just a few blunt head traumas away from being posters over at FreeRepublic.

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