Looking for love in all the wrong Dennys.

…now let’s go find some pussy. Posted by Picasa

Because they remembered my deep and abiding hatred of all things Stappish, frequent commenter gttim and the RubberNun herself sent me this link showing what happens during the sixteenth minute after your fame clock has run out.

Anyway, so the guy who was so spiritually affected by The Passion of the Christ is now hightailing it to Gainesville to tag a piece of ass he met in an airport bar. And he’s having his ghettotastic hootchie skanky Jersey girl sleaze of a sister drive him. Yes, Creed is making his sister drive him to the Gainesville Denny’s for a booty call.

You almost feel sorry for him, but then you remember the shirt that he bought at the rock and roll store at the mall and you find your loathing rushing back to fill the void.

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