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According to the WSJ, the only thing Novakula did wrong on his CNN appearance was fail to defend their honor in a more physical fashion when Carville goaded him by saying the “Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching. You show ’em you’re tough…”

Via Think Progress (‘cos I’m not giving a dime to the WSJ):

“Mr. Novak has since appropriately apologized for losing his cool, but Mr. Carville is lucky he didn’t get punched in the nose.”

“Mr. Carville is the professional political wrestler, but CNN has asked only Mr. Novak to take a vacation.”

“The members of the liberal press pack owe Mr. Novak an apology, not vice versa.”

From Alan in the comments:

I really would like to see Novak, cadaverous swivel chair hussar, attempt to punch Carville, ex-Marine, in the nose. I really would.

It would surpass Paris Hilton’s boink video as the most downloaded video of all time. Crooks and Liars would have to expand to Google-class bandwidth.

I bow down before Alan. “Cadaverous swivel chair hussar?” That’s genius. I don’t think I can ever bring up Novak again without invoking that description. Brilliant.

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