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Somehow I managed to find myself over at La Shawn Barber’s where La Shawn has taken to slagging Harry Belafonte who had some unkind things to say about the Brush-Cuttin’ Fool and his posse of thugs. This would be the same Belafonte who is a hero of the civil rights movement:

One of the country’s best-loved entertainers, Belafonte has also been at the forefront of our nation’s struggle for civil rights and the international effort to promote human rights throughout the globe. Though he was the first black performer to win an Emmy and the first recording artist to have an album sell over a million copies, Belafonte’s appeal to white audiences did not protect him from racial segregation. As a result, he refused to perform in the South from 1954 until 1961, and he became deeply involved in the Civil Rights Movement. In 1956 Belafonte met Martin Luther King Jr., in Montgomery, Alabama, and they quickly became close friends. It was Belafonte who sent the money to bail King out of the Birmingham City Jail and who raised thousands of dollars to release other jailed protesters, finance the Freedom Rides, and support voter-registration drives. He joined Bayard Rustin in leading the youth march for integrated schools in 1958 and helped to organize the March on Washington five years later.

Belafonte continues to use his power as an entertainer in the struggle for civil rights. Belafonte’s idea for the hit song “We Are the World” generated more than $70 million to fight famine in Ethiopia in 1985. Two years later, he became the second American to be named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. A long-time antiapartheid activist, Belafonte chaired the welcoming committee for Nelson Mandela’s first visit to the United States.

But to La Shawn’s people-who-have-blogs-read-to-them, well, a lifetime of good works just gets flushed away when you take the Bush’s name in vain…which leads to this extraordinary comment that is awesome in its profound and bottomless stupidity:


Their past accomplishments should in no way grant them a pass. That sentiment really is irresponsible. IF they were truly intellgient(sic) people, they would know better. The fact of the matter is that they know their audience well. They know that they speak to the uneducated, angry, gimme gimme segment of Black America and they know that words like the ones they offered this weekend keep money in their pockets and those poor Negroes enslaved.

One bad deed can wreck years of good ones and you know that. Cases in point:

Timothy McVeigh
Michael Jackson
Marion Berry
Kweisi Mfume
Pete Rose
Raphael Palmeiro
Mike Tyson
Jose Canseco
Barry Bonds
Lawrence Taylor
Darryl Strawberry


No pass!

Comment by Raymond

Lets see….African Americans, athletes, and, oh yeah, that white guy who made a bad decision.

You know, we’re going to have to put that on his permanent record.

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