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Man kills another in dispute over Iraq war

At a Kentucky flea market, a discussion and disagreement about the war escalated into an argument and then a shooting. This kind of incident was bound to happen at some point in this politically polarized nation, and this is sadly probably not going to be the last, as long as the gulf remains so wide between those on either side. (Editor & Publisher):

It happened at Floyd County flea market on Thursday, when two friends, who were firearms vendors there, drew guns after quarreling about the war. Douglas Moore, 65, of Martin, who supports the war, shot and killed Harold Wayne Smith, 56, of Manchester, who opposed it, according to investigators.

Moore was released without being charged after he convinced police he had acted in self-defense. Commonwealth’s Attorney Brent Turner said the episode might mark the first death in the U.S. due to a dispute over the war. One witness, Sam Hamman of Prestonsburg, told a newspaper, “Harold was talking about the 14 people that were killed in Iraq the other day and Doug said that just as many people were killed on the highways here.â€?

This quickly escalated into an argument, then to a scuffle, and finally both men drew pistols outside a snack shed. The dead man was just a little slower. Witnesses said he stood for about five seconds before falling on the paved walkway.

The Freepi are truly bloodthirsty knuckle-draggers. Scary creatures.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Wow. I wouldn’t go this far, no matter how much I disagreed with somebody. Slapping them around a few times is a different matter, however.”

“Oh, there’s more to the story than this. We’ll probably never hear about it though.”

“Sounds to me like the right prevails again.”

“It looks like he shot a traitor who was getting violent because he did not get his way.”

“So the peace-loving anti-war dude engaged in an armed threat that provoked a need for someone to defend themselves? Figures.”

“Bet the guy who opposed it was an anti gun freak and he fired without taking the safety off. These liberals are not rocket scientists when it comes to weapons use!”

“The story, as is, sounds trite and incomplete. There has to be more to the story, such as – who was threatening who, and who drew first. The article implies that it was cold blooded murder, while the survivor says it was self defense. The article has an air of cynicism in regards to the man’s defense.”

“One less anti war fool to deal with, however, I don’t think I could/would go as far as shooting someone, that’s just over the line, a dope slap or two, or three would suffice!”

“Ironic that the anti-war person would be the first to draw a gun. Ironic, but sort of expected.”

“How about that? The “anti-war” guy drew first. Sounds like he was slow on the draw in more than one way…”

“And for the anti-war to be killed is sort of expected too. Darwin’s Law at work.”

“Well, since he was released because of self defense it sounds like once more a peace loving war hater tried to kill someone because the peace lover hated killing. Make sense? Only a lefty would have such reasoning.”

“Just a thought, let’s not “actually” hurt the liberals, no matter how much you may really, really want to at the time. Killing someone is just going way overboard.”

“I doubt that the occupation of firearms dealer draws very many hippie-types; could he have been an isolationist conservative? Figures that the presstitutes would have a field day with it, though…”

“Right always triumphs over wrong!”

“I wonder if Douglas Moore has a middle name of ‘Clayton’ is a.k.a. “The Lone Ranger” LOL”

“Sounds like the title of this should be: “Patriot defends himself against anti-war zealot””

“Here in Minnesota the lefties are getting quite violent, especially in the Twin Cities, moreso in Minneapolis. See After some exchanges that I have gotten in (when the other person finds out that I do not bow down to leftist orthodoxy), the only thing that currently keeps me from driving in Minnesota with a Texas drivers license and Texas tags is the fact that the current governor is a Republican (although I have my disagreements with Pawlenty, the DFL on the other hand are all Marxist moonbats).”

“My sentiments, exactly! Eventually, those who support the President, this country and the war are going to strike back. Unfortunately, this time, it was lethal!”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding