I put my Christian charity in a lockbox
when Law & Order is on.


So this evening Norm and I are watching Law and Order – Criminal Intent on NBC. At roughly 10 minutes before the end of the program during the pivotal moment of the episode when they are about to get the accused to confess, the drama is interrupted with “This is a special report from NBC news.” Living in a post-9/11 world these thoughts begin to race through my mind when a network show is interrupted with such an announcement:

1. Terrorists have attacked a major city in the United States.
2. The President or some other important leader of our nation has been assassinated.
3. A threat of terrorism, such as a dirty bomb, has been announced and will affect us immediately.
4. The space shuttle has crashed.
5. Some other such terrible tragedy that affects our country had occurred.

Instead, an NBC newsreader informs us that ABC news anchor Peter Jennings had died. Your heart stops pounding and you realize that the MSM (mainstream media) really believes the death of one of their own is so important that we must know it before the next commercial break or evening news report. Incredible!

I don’t represent the mainstream media, but on their behalf I would like to extend a sincere apology for their not providing you with a suitable dose of post-9/11 fear, tragedy, or horror with which to fill up your empty soulless life.

Deepest apologies.

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