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Marilyn and Joan

“Next time I saw Crawford, she said she wanted another round. I told her straight-out I didn’t much enjoy doing it with a woman. After I turned her down, she became spiteful.”

— Marilyn Monroe, on boinking Joan Crawford, from former Los Angeles prosecutor John Miner’s transcripts of the blonde bombshell’s sessions with shrink Dr. Ralph Greenson

The confirmation that Marilyn had a fling with Joan Crawford is a little weird, just because of that pairing. The rumors that Crawford loving the ladies have been about forever, in fact there were rumors about Marilyn too, but this news is still interesting nonetheless.

Newly released documents from Marilyn Monroe’s psychiatrist detail a sexual encounter between the movie legend and actress Joan Crawford.

The Los Angeles Times says that it obtained the documents – transcripts of tapes made during sessions between Monroe and Dr. Ralph Greenson – from former Los Angeles prosecutor John Miner. Milner, now 86, says that during the investigation into Monroe’s death he took the copious notes of the tapes played for him by Greenson.

The former prosecutor said that he is the only person alive who has heard the tapes and tells the Times that he believes the tapes support his belief Monroe was a victim of foul play.

Joan in the ’30s (l), and in 1945 in Mildred Pierce, one of my absolutely favorite noir soapers. Crawford won the Best Actress Oscar for that flick (the film also saw dyke icon Eve Arden nominated for Best Supporting Actress as well as Ann Blyth, who played Crawford’s twisted kid).

It’s hard to get the Mommy Dearest image out of your mind when you think of Joan Crawford, but she didn’t always look like the Faye Dunaway cartoonish figure in the camp movie. BTW, Crawford starred in a “feminist western” flick by Nicholas Ray, Johnny Guitar (1954), that had some serious homo-tension in it between Joan and Mercedes McCambridge.

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