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Tax holiday weekend in NC

Haven’t gotten online at all today until now — the mailbox is full!

Some of my NY relatives stopped by to visit this AM, on the way back from the National Black Theatre Festival, which is held in Winston-Salem each year. It’s a big deal, and major celebs perform. One of my favorites, CCH Pounder (X-FIles, L&O;: SVU, The Shield) was at the fest.

This weekend is back-to-school tax-free holiday in NC — computer-related items, clothes (kids and adults), office supplies and the like are tax-free. The malls, Target, Costco, and the like are all whoring things with additional discounts on sale like crazy. I would not want to be in any of these stores this weekend — insanity. Kate and I were off to visit with my relatives, who then went on their way, back to drive up I-85/I-95 to the Big Apple. We headed over to see what kinds of discounts were out there, before all the folks got off of work and flooded every damn store. Kate managed to get a pair of $50 shoes for $21, so that was a big coup. I managed to get off scot-free. I didn’t buy anything except a non-tax-free CD of Public Enemy’s greatest hits, which was on sale though – $7.98.

As you can tell – we’re cheap. No, that’s not true. We’re just smart shoppers buying Blue whenever possible – Bed Bath and Beyond is deep blue, as is Costco. Strangely, gay-friendly Target (17%) is a conundrum, having a lower rating than either KMart (50%), or even the evil Wal-Mart (22%). What do you do in those cases? It really makes it difficult to know where to spend your hard-earned money.

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