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Oregon Civil Unions bill dies

She’s responsible for the bill not coming to a vote.

Carla from Preemptive Karma was on top of this story as it unfolded; see my earlier post on it. Public support for civil unions in Oregon was strong in the polls — 49 percent of voters were in favor of them, but one-woman bigot crew Repug House Speaker Karen Minnis promised a couple of weeks ago to put a stop to it because “the bill effectively creates marriage by another word and runs counter to the will of the people.” Huh? (

The Oregon Legislature ended its second-longest session ever at 6:20 a.m. Friday, allowing a bill that would have provided civil unions for same-sex couples to die without coming to a vote. The bill would have created a civil unions registry and grant same-sex couples many of the rights available to married couples including inheritance benefits, pensions, property rights when a partner dies, and the right to make medical decisions for a partner.

The legislation also would have included gays and lesbians in Oregon’s nondiscrimination act. The bill, which had the support of Gov. Ted Kulongoski, passed the Democratically controlled Senate last month.

But Republicans who dominate the House dug in their heels – first, gutting the legislation and then deciding not to allow it to go to a full vote on the floor.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding