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He's not a white supremacist, he just plays one on 'the internets'

Doug Hanks, center (in the sweater), at a March protest of the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag in Charlotte, NC. As you will read, he has an interesting idea of what “research” is.

Oh, lord, this is sweet. From House Blender Ace, news of another dumb*ss bigot from the Charlotte area (the first being the impossible-to-top Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James). This time it’s a candidate for an at-large Charlotte City Council seat.

Doug Hanks posted numerous (as in 4,000) messages on a white supremacist web site (Stormfront) in his spare time, then decided to run for office; I guess he didn’t see that there might be a little problem with the side activity with his Aryan brothers. He tried to explain his motives with this winner of an excuse, from the Charlotte Observer:

Hanks told the Observer Thursday that he is not a racist, though he admitted playing one on the Internet. He acknowledged making the posts and writing a novel that his own Web site compares with “The Turner Diaries.” That’s the novel often credited with inspiring Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Hanks said his three years of postings were simply an act, a way to earn racists’ trust as he researched his novel. On his political Web site, he describes himself as a general contractor, author, model and actor.

There is also video of his “explanation” here.

As Ace said: “To do research, is it absolutely necessary to sink to the level of those who you are targeting your writing to?

Here’s another account, from News14Carolina:

Mark Pellin, the editor of the Rhinoceros Times, said Hanks never made any mention of the book during a 15-minute interview Wednesday night. “At no point did he indicate that it had anything to do with a persona he took on or was researching for the book,” Pellin said. “He tried to explain the quotes as they were for heritage, not hate.”

Hanks continued posting on well after “The Patriot Act” was published.

“I was asked to write a column here and there,” Hanks said. “But what I should have done when I began running for office was to separate the two. “Unfortunately, it has blown up in my face.”

Hanks, by the way, decided it made sense to withdraw from the race.

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