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Army: Soldier Just Back From Iraq Kills Wife, Self

When Stephen S. Sherwood joined the Army a year and a half ago, the former heavy-metal musician was “long-haired and tattooed and about the furthest thing from a military man you could imagine,” a neighbor says.

When he came home on leave from Iraq last winter, the difference was dramatic: “Not only had he put on a lot of weight, he was real bulked up and had shaved his long hair and looked like an MP,” neighbor Steve Johnson said.

On Wednesday, nine days after Sherwood returned from a tour in Iraq, he apparently shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself in their Fort Collins home, Army spokeswoman Dee McNutt said. Sherwood’s wife’s name was not released.

Investigators had not determined a motive and results of a planned autopsy had not been released. The couple’s 8-month-old child was in the care of a neighbor when the couple were killed, said Eloise Campanella, a spokeswoman for the Larimer County sheriff.

Sherwood, 36, had returned from Iraq on July 25 after spending nearly a year there and was on leave at the time of the shootings, McNutt said.

A private first class, he was a cannon crew member in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team based at Fort Carson and had a home in Fort Collins, a city about 130 miles north of the post, McNutt said.

She said Sherwood enlisted in January 2004. Johnson said Sherwood told him he signed up when his wife became pregnant because it was the only way he could get health insurance.

Johnson said Sherwood, who had been an emergency medical technician and then a bass player in a heavy-metal band before enlisting, seemed to adapt quickly to his new life, but not his wife, who stayed in Fort Collins.

“She was left behind,” Johnson said, fending with life alone with a baby.

A few days ago First Draft has a contest to tell a complete story in six words. The above story (clocking in at 310 words) is the complete history of the Bush/Cheney presidency. There won’t even be a happy ending when they leave office because we’ll be cleaning up their mess and the damage they have done for generations to come.

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