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UNbelievable stuff from WingNutDaily

WorldNetDaily’s Craige McMillan: “Leftists are tireless advocates of perversion and degeneracy in all its myriad forms.”

[UPDATE: Reader D. Sidhe came up with answers to all 10, so I’m posting them at the end. Congrats!]

I am about to dash out the door so I don’t have time to fisk this, but please Blenders, you have to take apart this WingNutDaily column by one completely brain-dead, *ss-clown, Craige McMillan, a commentator there:″>10 reasons I’ve grown to despise the Left…and why you should, too

Perhaps folks can take one or two and share your counter points to Mr. McMillan’s sterling arguments in the comments. It should provide us all with great entertainment; oh the irony of some of the statements, good night! I’ll have to add some of my own later…

1. Thought control:
While the left frequently demands that we “stay out of their bedrooms,” they’ve gone us one better. They want to control what we think, too. Nowhere is this more prevalent than academia. In the academy they preach tolerance and intellectual freedom – while they send out the Academic SS to destroy the lives and careers of those who view their taxpayer-supported fantasy world differently.

2. Leftists hate what makes America great: Private property, economic freedom, competition, merit and accomplishment, limited government, the rule of law, and the religious freedom that Christians brought to America – they want to destroy all of it.

3. Leftists are stupid:
Check out the discussion at the Daily Kos. The left, which prides itself on its intellectual prowess, accepts as undeniable truth the most wild and ridiculous rumors about our nation and its leaders, while making excuses for the murderous behavior of our enemies.

4. Leftists are liars:
If Democratic candidates worked half as hard to articulate their agenda as to hide it, America would have a real choice at election time. Voters could choose to elect socialists and communists who would opt for greater government control over private property and natural resources, Robin Hood style taxes and illegal immigration. Instead, Democrats lie about their agenda and, in the rare cases they are actually elected, use the courts and bureaucracy to implement their agenda behind the scenes.

5. Leftists are thieves:
They steal money, property, and elections given the opportunity. The gubernatorial election in Washington state was stolen by Democrats and King County election bureaucrats masquerading as “elections officials.” Honest citizens had their votes for a Republican governor negated by illegal immigrants, convicted felons, double voters and out-of-state residents (including a judge on the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals) Have Democrats won an honest election in the past 50 years?

6. Leftists have nothing but contempt for democratic institutions:
They seek to overturn the will of the people at every turn by using unelected judges and bureaucratic functionaries. They consistently oppose judges who believe the Constitution says what it says – but even here, they lie about an individual’s record – because that’s what’s necessary to make their case to the public.

7. Leftists are hypocrites:
Members of the left with influence and a public soapbox don’t live their lives the way they advocate their supporters do. The reason is because they know the lifestyle choices they advocate result in personal and family destruction.

8. Leftists kill people:
Their focus is on the unborn and the disabled. Perhaps that’s because neither can raise their voice in opposition? The left’s sympathy seems to be reserved for murderers and child abusers who were unfortunate enough to have been caught and convicted of their crimes. Here, the left can always mount a vigil or protest to save the offenders’ “precious” lives. They care nothing about the victims shattered lives and families.

9. Leftists are tireless advocates of perversion and degeneracy in all its myriad forms:
The left’s goal seems to be the continued decline of public decency to a level where everyone, regardless of their perversion, can feel “comfortable” expressing themselves “out in the street and frightening the horses.” Perhaps leftists advocate this because they will then feel “empowered” to practice their own particular brand of perversion? To growing numbers of Americans, the left seems to be nothing more than a herd of degenerate lemmings headed over the perversion precipice. They want us as a nation to join them in this mass suicide. When we don’t, they haul out their black-robed legal perverts on the bench to cut-and-paste the Constitution or law until it coerces our participation under penalty of incarceration.

10. The left hates God:
Sadly, many on the left have used their talents at deceit to lie to themselves about God. Willfully ignorant of God’s real attributes, they have instead crafted an idol clothed in their own touchy-feely desires. They despise God’s gift of eternal life through his Son, Jesus Christ. Instead, they are intent on using technology, humanity and taxpayer dollars to craft their own version of eternal life, which they can then live out on their own terms. In so doing they hasten the day God will crush unrepentant humanity and condemn them to hell.

And here’s the rebuttal:

1. The right would like to teach creationism, ID, and Bible study in schools.

2. The right looks at trees and mountains and rivers and sees lumber and mines and irrigation. The right looks at citizens and sees workers, or at best, consumers. The right believes in private property but not a right to privacy. The right believes in economic freedom to inherit great wealth or to starve to death in a gutter.

3. The right believes in small government, fewer laws, and fiscal responisbility. The right voted for George Bush twice.

4. We invaded Iraq because they had WMD. No, because they were trying to get them. No, because they wanted them. No, because they collaborated with terrorists. No, to liberate them. No, for regime change. No, because they were violating UN resolutions. No, to attract all the terrorists there. What was that about lies again? Oh, yes, Downing Street Memos.

5. Election 2000. Enron. Tom DeLay.

6. The Arkansas Project. Operation Rescue. Downing Street Memos. Tom DeLay. The K-Street Project.

7. Holy cow, I could be at this one forever. George W. Bush. Rush Limbaugh. Bill O’Reilly. Jack Ryan. Ollie North. G. Gordon Liddy. Alan Keyes. Ken Mehlman. Ann Coulter. Matt Drudge. Armstrong Williams. Jerry Falwell. Maggie Gallagher. Rick Santorum. Rudolph Giuliani. Bernard Kerik. Ralph Reed. Bill Bennet. David Horowitz. Jim West. Jeff Gannon. Phyllis Schlafly. And, oh yes, Tom DeLay.

8. War In Iraq.

9. Jim “Let’s Chat” West. Jack “Sex Clubs” Ryan. Tom “Hot Tub” DeLay. Ann “If I Find A Guy To Take Home Every Night Good For Me” Coulter. Ken “Who Said I’m Straight?” Mehlman. Jeff “Man Whore” Gannon. Neal “Lulabel’s With Me” Horsely. And, oh, uh, looks interesting. And gosh, that’s just the sex. Some of us consider things like cutting off funding for school lunches for poor kids to be fairly degenerate. Likewise cutting healthcare for wounded veterans. And, uh, starting unprovoked wars in the first place. Honestly, next to poor elderly women dying because they can’t afford their prescription medications, even Neal and his
mule seem kind of tame, though I still think he’s a pervert.

10. Which God? Whose God? The one that thinks killing people is good? The one that thinks two dudes kissing is bad but torture in our overseas prisons is A-Okay? Loving God would seem to preclude A) doing that shit, and B) going around telling people it’s what God wants.

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