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Okies, watch out for grubby wingnut hands on library books

We’re back on the censorship tip out in Oklahoma. The caring folks at Oklahomans for School Accountability want to spare young eyes from the evils of homosexuality, drugs, violence, foul language, and all that jazz. You don’t have to read the “filth,” this organization reads it all for you…research, you know. (AgapePress):

A group of Oklahoma parents is attempting to get objectionable books removed from school libraries statewide. Concerned mom Lynn Rahman began researching books in Tulsa school library collections and reading lists and found that many of the books contained emphases on homosexuality, sex, violence, drugs, and profanity.

After extending her probe statewide, Rahman says she encountered similar results. Now, along with other members of Oklahomans for School Accountability, she is alerting parents around the state to what kind of inappropriate material is in their children’s school libraries. The effort is part of the group’s ongoing campaign to get vulgar and profane library books removed from public schools across the state.

Rahman believes proponents of the controversial literature and those who defend its inclusion in school library collections are those who would like to indoctrinate young children with the belief that homosexuality is “natural and normal,” among other false and unhealthy notions. She has written to state congressman Tad Jones, asking the lawmaker to bring the matter to the attention of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Here are some of the taboo tomes that the Accountability folks are worried about. You have to click some of these links to see the excerpts they have reviewed and deemed objectionable. Love this intro too, especially the reference to “critical thinking”:

(It does not take much to find “hidden” messages in text when you learn to apply critical thinking. The notes that precede the excerpts of this book demonstrate such, and the entire book demonstrates what the American Library Association (ALA) likes to put out there for children to read)

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging
Are You In The House Alone?
Athletic Shorts
Baby Be-Bop
The Chocolate War. Pam: I picked this one randomly to give you an idea of what they’ve found in their “research”

Language: For Christ’s sake, bastard (24), Jesus (numerous), Christ (numerous), goddamn (10), hell (numerous), son of a bitch (4), shit/bullshit (5), etc…

“The exhilaration.. vanished and he sought it in vain, like seeking ecstasy’s memory an instant after jacking off and encountering only shame and guilt.”

Looking at girls in Playboy, wondering if “he would die before holding a girl’s breast in his hand.”

Brother verbally teases and abuses one of his students in front of the class, getting the whole class to laugh at the boy.

“ he sometimes felt .. horny..when he roughhoused a kid or tackled a guy viciously…”

“At night in bed, he could have one without even touching himself, just thinking of her.”

“..her breast brushing his arm, setting him on fire…first time (he) thought it was accident….then she brushed again…. He knew it wasn’t ..felt himself hardening ….. those beautiful breasts….tomorrow she’d probably let him get under her sweater.”

“ (old people) were to old for sex… he couldn’t believe his mother and father ever actually..”

The Family Book
Free to be a Family
From The Notebooks Of Melanin Sun
The Giver
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
The Moves Make the Man
Keesha’s House
My Heartbeat
The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t
Twelve Days in AugustSPEAK
My Father’s ScarFADE
Violet & Claire
The Handmaid’s Tale

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