He’s vulgar! He’s profane!
He takes the Lords name in vain!
That’s our Bob!

Michelle Malkin is disgusted. Captain Cubicle, manly man that he is, says Novak has a “potty mouth”. Hindrocket at Power Line says “Fuckin’ A!” Okay, Hindrocket didn’t say that, but you know he would if the other two guys would let him get off his meds for a day.

What to think of Bob Novak’s outburst? Hmmmm.

As I’ve mentioned before, comedian David Steinberg once pointed out that Websters Unabridged Dictionary had finally added the word bullshit and defined it as “nonsense”. Steinberg said (and I’m going from memory here)

“Websters did it. They found the one person in America who doesn’t know what bullshit means. It should say bullshit, noun: nonsense and under that: bullshit.”

I don’t have a problem with Novak saying “bullshit”, but it does give the godfearin’ folks on the right an excuse to turn their backs on him in case he ratted out Rove.

Meanwhile we learn that, for a dick, Cliff May doesn’t exactly have the cursing thing down himself:

I didn’t blame Novak. I thought, “Good for him, there is some sh** up with which he will not put. Maybe this will teach Carville to keep a civil tongue in his mouth and to learn that all is not permissible in partisan debate.”

“..there is some sh** up with which he will not put.”

Me talk dirty one day.

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