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Headline of the day: Naked swordsman pleads guilty

Sorry, folks, no pictures of this charmer

A man who chased his neighbors with a 2-foot sword while naked last winter pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. Curtis Rarick, 45, of North Liberty, could face up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine at sentencing on Sept. 16. As part of a plea bargain, a charge of public intoxication was dismissed.

Police say they responded to a reported altercation on Feb. 27. Rarick’s neighbors told police he was standing naked in his front yard. He got upset when they told him to put clothes on, dashed back in his house and came out with a sword. He then chased and threatened them, they told police.

Police said Rarick had a blood alcohol content of 0.12 percent.


and the runner-up…

Woman Allegedly Sells Favors to Elderly. Ugh, pass the Pepto. Can this poor girl be any more desperate?

Police charged a 19-year-old woman with selling sexual favors to two elderly men for $4 and $6 each. Stacy L. Kendall, 71-year-old William R. Claypool and 83-year-old Carmen A. Nocera were arrested just outside New Castle on Friday.

Claypool paid Kendall $4 for a sexual favor and Nocera paid $6, police said. Shenango Township police Chief Allan Nocera said the arrests occurred during a police sweep of an area where residents recently had complained of drugs, sex trafficking and gunfire.

Police on Monday filed misdemeanor charges of prostitution and solicitation against all three defendants. Kendall and Claypool didn’t answer repeated calls to their homes. Carmen Nocera didn’t immediately return a message left at his home.

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