Stealing from Atrios

I thought this comment at Eschaton was too good to pass on, so here it is:

Al Qaeda declared war on us, and then they killed thousands of innocent people in New York.

Where do you live, Ruppert? If the answer to that question isn’t New York or D.C. And you weren’t effected by 9/11 in any other way than getting your feelings hurt or your sense of self-righteousness worked up; then I suggest, nay demand that you sit down with a big ‘ol can of Shut The Fuck Up.

You weren’t here the day it happened. You didn’t lose loved ones, friends and co-workers. You didn’t have to live with the smell of burning plastic coming out of lower Manhattan for the next few months. You didn’t have to babysit a girlfriend who was afraid to sleep alone because she kept on waking up to nightmares as the scene played over and over in her head. You didn’t have to see one of the strongest people you’ve ever known break down and cry after watching complete strangers jump out of the towers because a quick death from impact was preferable to being burned alive.

None of that affected you ’cause you were safe out there in fucking flyover country watching it on FOX and getting excited because it gave your fucktard of a preznit an excuse to drop bombs on brown people and maybe, for just a little while, help you forget what a total waste of human flesh you’ve become.

So here, have another can. I’ve got a couple cases sitting back here for you and yours.

That Amerasian Guy

Somebody needs to find Amerasian Guy and buy him a drink.

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