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The pious penis takes a bow

“She said there was nothing to say about the penis. I told myself, ‘I have something to tell her about the penis’.”
— Rafael Milo-Amar, playwright, on the need to write “The Holy Phallus” (Phallus Hakadosh) as a response to The Vagina Monologues

From the “I’m not sh*tting you” files…In this play, the actor doesn’t talk about the penis. He plays the penis. I think I will just post this story without additional comment. You all will surely have plenty to say.

Challenged by female pride after the success of the Hebrew-language version of The Vagina Monologues, an Israeli playwright has put the penis centre-stage.

Rafael Milo-Amar said on Tuesday that his one-man show, The Holy Phallus, was inspired by a disparaging remark one of the Israeli actresses in the local production of Eve Ensler’s celebrated play had made about the male member.

…According to the newspaper, The Holy Phallus is an extended monologue touching on rape, passion, handicaps, homosexuality and loneliness. A public relations agent for the play said it does not involve nudity.

Reviews have been mixed and Milo-Amar reported casting problems before he settled on bald-headed actor Yuval Cohen. [OK. I couldn’t help it…is the suggestion that the bald-headed actor must resemble the Holy Phallus?]

“It’s a great challenge,” says Cohen of his unique task. “I feel like I’m playing different roles because the penis in Phallus Hakadosh has so many different characteristics. I’m always playing something other than just a penis.”

“At the end of shows people come and tell me, ‘Wow, what a great penis you are.’ I take that as a compliment now,” Cohen told The Jerusalem Post.

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Pam Spaulding