New packaging. Same boring crap inside.

Jeff Jarvis, who is dull enough to make cream of wheat contemplate an appointment with Mr. Noose and Mr. Stout Overhead Beam, writes:

We need to stop thinking in the old terms of mass market, big circulation, big ratings, blockbusters. That world is dying. We need to stop thinking that when we are in a niche, we’re in something lesser. No, it means we’re in a community. We’re in a good conversation, not a loud crowd.

I used to write for an alleged audience of 25 million at TV Guide and People. Now I write for an audience of a few thousand. Call that whatever damned list you like. I like it much better.

We’re not one to burst anyone’s bubble, but…well, most people who get TV Guide aren’t exactly what you might call ‘readers‘. Unless, of course, this:

Gilligan’s Island (CBS) 8:30 -The castaways hopes of being rescued from the island are thwarted when Gilligan fucks it up again.

…constitutes reading.

Sadly, People magazine is a step down from that.

On a brighter note, Jeff’s blog has a bright shiny new look.

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