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News of the weird: Lucianne babysat Al Gore

This may crush Shakes Sis, who is a big fan of Al, lol…

Conservative political maven Lucianne Goldberg revealed her Gore connection on Monday, telling Fox News Radio’s Tony Snow that she was Al Gore’s babysitter when he was 10 years old.

Turns out, Goldberg’s friend at the Washington, D.C. private school they both attended was the Gore family’s regular babysitter. But one night, Al’s parents called and the friend couldn’t make it. “She asked if I would go over,” Goldberg told Snow. “So I went over, they didn’t know me. I was just her friend from school.”

The woman who would later advise Linda Tripp to tape Monica Lewinsky said her contact that night with the future VP was brief: “I just sat in [the Gores’] living room and watched TV. [Little Al] came out and asked for a glass of water, he was about 10, I think. He probably didn’t need a babysitter because he had a big sister, but maybe she was out. I got him his glass of water and he went back to bed. That was it.”

I guess the doyenne of demonization didn’t contaminate the future VP (and real winner of the 2000 election).

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