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Long live carbs: Atkins files for bankruptcy

The Atkins carb-hating diet jumped the shark long ago. I think I personally witnessed the jump when Kate bought a box of low-carb pasta to try. I barely boiled that sh*t and it was so tasteless and gummy that we threw the whole lot out. Pasta IS carbohydrate, for god’s sake — I don’t want to know what the substitute was, but it sucked donkey. (AP):

Atkins Nutritionals Inc., the company that promoted low-carb eating into a national diet craze, filed for bankruptcy court protection Sunday, a company spokesman said.

Atkins has been hurt by waning popularity of its namesake diet, which focuses on eliminating carbohydrates such as bread and pasta as a way to shed weight. The diet quickly became one of the most popular in U.S. history, spawning numerous derivatives and a virtual cottage industry of low-carb regimens — but also drew criticism from many experts for its focus on fatty foods and low fruit and vegetable consumption.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding